Alvescot Charities Grants


Alvescot Charities – Charity no. 214730

Goddard Carter for Apprenticing – Charity no. 309168

Trustees: Pam Barling, Revd Harry McInnes, Ralph Mawle, Sandy Morris.

Clerk: Nigel Williams, Rose Cottage, Lower End, Alvescot 01993 842857

 The Alvescot Charities Trustees administer funds from Charitable Bequests and Charitable Allotments made in the last three centuries, and which are designated for the relief of hardship. The Trustees make modest monetary grants to those who qualify, usually at Christmas but, given the current social security crises, at other times if the need is pressing.

The Trustees of Alvescot Charities would welcome confidential approaches from Alvescot residents to apply for a grant provided that they meet the following conditions which meet the requirements the original bequests/allotments and the requirements of the Charities Act:

  • That they are resident in Alvescot
  • That they are 65 years of age or older
  • That they are in receipt of one or more means-tested State benefits/universal credit.

The Trustees are also willing to consider grants to any groups of parishioners planning to organise services or events to improve the quality of life of the village.

If you feel you may be eligible for a grant from the Alvescot Charities, please approach one of the Trustees above or write to, or phone, the Clerk to the Trustees.

 All correspondence and information will be treated in the strictest confidence unless the Trustees are required to do otherwise by Law.