Alvescot MUGA

The Alvescot MUGA is a great asset to the village and is well used by residents and the school. A RoSPA report is carried out annually in July and on the basis of the report repairs are undertaken.

Repairs have taken place during the beginning of the year and the damage to the stockade surrounding the equipment has been repaired during the last month. We have very kindly been donated some play equipment by Alvescot School and hope to replace some old equipment and make way for some new items later this year.

The MUGA has just been cleaned and the slide will be repainted in July. The surface does suffer when the leaves drop down so if you are using the area we would appreciate if you could clear the leaves before use. Our groundsman does clear the area and tidy the litter away but we would appreciate if you could keep the area tidy.

In 2017 the cricket nets will also be moved to a permanent position. Their condition does deteriorate when they are moved each year for the Fete so this will now be avoided.

We regret dogs are not allowed in the playground area for Health and Safety reasons. The Parish Council have provided a dog waste bin at the entrance to the playground and we would appreciate if any dog waste could be deposited there and not in the general waste bins.

Below is the link to the latest RoSPA report.