Monthly Financial Report

A monthly Financial Report is given at each meeting. This can be found by clicking below

Income & Expenditure figures for first 3 quarters can be found below:

Annual Precept

Alvescot Parish Council prepares an annual budget based on its expected outgoings for the following year and uses this to predict its required income from its Precept and any other sources.

The Precept is an annual tax that the Parish Council has the power to demand from residents of the Parish. It is collected with the Council Tax, just like the payments for the Police and Fire Authority.

The Precept depends on your Council Tax band, in 2017 it was £63.73 per year for each Band D household in Alvescot Parish Parish. Based on the figures below the Precept will remain at£13,000 in 2018/19 so for each Band D household the precept will be £62.94.

Final accounts 2016/17

The accounts have been sent to BDO to be externally audited. The Accounting Statement below is therefore currently unaudited and subject to change.

To view the final accounts click here 

To view the Annual Governance Statement (Audit Section 1) click here  

To view the Statement of Accounts ( Audit Section 2) click here 

To View explanation of variances click here 

To view the exercise of public right click here 

To view the internal auditors report click here 

To view the external auditors certificate (Audit Section 3)  click here 

To view the Notice of Conclusion of Audit click here 

Asset Register 

Copy of the current Asset Register is below