Plan A

Local Development Plan

Plan A for Alvescot is a plan for the future of Alvescot, created by residents of our village. It is based on wide consultation within the village, and will set out some of the most important questions about Alvescot together with actions to address them.

The plan was commissioned by Alvescot Parish Council, but consultation and production of the plan have been carried out by an independent steering group of residents. Once agreed, the plan will inform the work of the parish council and other organisations in the village, as well as being used to influence bodies such as the District and County Councils.

This Consultative Draft reflects views and suggestions gathered since the launch of the planning process in October 2013. Many of these were expressed at the launch meeting, others subsequently through a questionnaire circulated to all homes in the village. A number of events have been organised to promote awareness of the planning process, and to encourage as many people as possible – of all ages – to put forward their ideas.

The final draft can be found below:

The Parish Council have several actions going forward. Below is the link to our actions and their progress.