The Planning Lead, currently Cllr Richard Munro, is the focus for planning related matters on the Parish Council, but all decisions are taken by the complete Council. The Planning Lead collects and collates information on planning applications within the Parish and presents it to the Council, usually with a recommendation. It’s important that the Council bases its comments on “policy” which encompasses national, County, District and Parish matters. Click here for the parish council 

The Parish Council has no executive powers related to planning and is a “statutory consultee” only – which means we have to be asked, but our opinion is one of many and may be over-ridden.

The Parish Council is consulted on:-

All Planning applications within the Parish Boundary
Significant or unusual applications in adjacent parishes
Significant planning related matters put out to consultation by Oxfordshire County Council and West Oxfordshire District Council.

If there’s a planning application that affects you or you wish to express your views to the Parish Council it’s important to do this early, as the WODC planning cycle is quite short and we need to respond quickly to meet that timetable. Parishioners can send letters or e-mail to the Clerk, or at a meeting speak under “Public Participation” There is only limited time under this item so if there is more than one person on the same subject not everyone will be able to speak. More details on this process are available under our Standing Orders. Please note that we don’t pass your specific comments onto WODC, so you may wish to submit a separate comment via their planning portal.

Occasionally, applications are taken to appeal by the applicants and the Parish Council may make additional submissions to the Planning Inspector.

While the Planning Lead can provide modest and informal guidance on applications, this is without prejudice to the eventual consideration of detailed plans by the Planning Lead and Parish Council. However, Parish Council members are NOT experts on planning policy or law and will generally refer enquiries to WODC Planning Department. Similarly, the Parish Council is not an “enforcement” authority and will only make minor local investigations prior to referring enforcement matters to WODC.

Two useful publications published by the Parish Council and WODC are:

Applications currently under consideration:

17/02098/OUT  Land south of Station Road 54 houses

17/02960/FUL   Arkam, Station Road

17/03233/FUL   Park Farm, Lower End

17/03567/HHD  Rock Cottage

17/03674/HHD  Mill Cottage, Mill Lane

17/03675/LBC    Mill Cottage, Mill Lane